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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft Collins, and Beyond.

Ducts in your home naturally collect dust, pollen, dirt, dust mites, and more. Our expert HVAC cleaning services enhance indoor air quality across Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and other cities.

Why Colorado Gets So Dusty?

If you've lived in Colorado for even ten minutes, you know how dry it can get here. Colorado is in a semi-arid climate, halfway to becoming a desert, which means dust. Especially in Denver Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, our famous mile-high elevation makes the air very thin and contributes to the lack of humidity.


How Does Air Duct Cleaning Help?

  • Reducing Allergens for Healthier Living

  • Enhancing HVAC Efficiency and Saving You Money

  • Eliminating Odors for a Fresher Home

  • Extending Equipment Lifespan for Long-Term Value

  • Less Cleaning, More Relaxing

  • Health Benefits for You and Your Family


Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Consider air duct cleaning if you answer "yes" to any of these:

  • Pets or smokers at home?

  • Allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues?

  • Frequent dust cleaning on furniture?

  • Indoor headaches, nausea, or discomfort?

  • "Dust trails" or discoloration from ducts?

  • Lingering odors during HVAC operation?

  • Dust and debris during air filter changes?

  • Recently moved to a new house or did remodel?

Why Choose Us for Air Duct Cleaning?

Affordable Excellence

AirDuct Specialists offer unbeatable pricing for top-notch services.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians ensure cleaner, healthier air.

Years of Trust

We've been a trusted name since 2003, handling everything from post-remodel cleanups to health-related concerns.

Tailored Services

We customize solutions for your unique needs.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. Friendly, professional service with transparency.

Watch this YouTube video with
13 MILLION views!

Thank you guys from Chicago for a great video and great cleaning! This really demonstrates to people what they have in their house and why it costs money to clean ducts.

TOP 3  Air Duct Cleaning Benefits 


Breath Fresh Air

Removes Unpleasant Smells and Odor. Creates a Cleaner Living Environment.

Removes Dust and Dirt

Every time your system circulates inside your home, dust/dirt accumulates in the air ducts.

Improves air flow efficiency.

Reduces Allergens

Reduces Allergens and Irritants for environment and pets. Removes germs and pathogens.

Who uses our services

Clean Air

All Who Wants To Breathe Clean Air

Real Estate Air Duct Cleaning


Construction Air Duct Cleaning


Commercial HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Contractors

Property Management Air Duct Cleaning

Property Management Co.

Apartment Air Duct Cleaning

Apartment Complexes

Hospital Air Duct Cleaning


School Air Duct Cleaning


     Why clients TRUST us?

We provide FLAT RATES over the phone! 

The final price will be determined based on the Sq. footage of the home and number of Furnaces. We offer a final price upfront compared to other companies that won't give you the final price until inside your home. 

18+ years in business.

NADCA certified & insured!

NADCA stands for the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. This certification allows customers to feel safe about a potential company because it shows they are certified professionals.

We provide VIDEO RESULTS  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We will provide VIDEO RESULTS on spot. If you are not 100% satisfied with the result, we do whatever takes to fix it. And if can not, we will refund your money back. 

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Your home duct system is inspected by our highly trained, certified and experienced technician. Access openings are installed, supply and return vents are sealed.

AirDuct Specialists - System inspection


A High powered HEPA filtrated vacuum is connected to the Main trunk line, placing the whole system under negative pressure.

AirDuct Specialists - Collecting device



Rotary brush/air whip systems are used to dislodge the dirt and debris in every single supply and return vent, which will be collected in the containment unit.

AirDuct Specialists - cleaning



The full length of the supply and return main duct lines and their plenums are brushed and scraped using rotary brush/air whip systems.



AirDuct Specialists - MainDuct Cleaning

The furnace interior is thoroughly cleaned using compressed air, air whip systems and vacuum unit.

AirDuct Specialists - Furnace Clean





All service openings are patched, and the furnace unit is checked for working condition, Before and After videos are provided.

AirDuct Specialists - Before&After



Our clients' reviews
A few examples out of 27,000 completed jobs

The specialists at AirDuct are professional and thorough when it comes to cleaning the dryer ducts for our commercial business. They also contacted us when we were due for our cleaning, which is very helpful. I also appreciate the pictures and follow up after the service has been completed.

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Our Professional Technicians 
5+ years of experience in air duct cleaning
AirDuct Specialists - Jared R.

Jared R.

Air Duct Cleaning TechnicianField Manager

AirDuct Specialists - Justin S.

Justin S.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

AirDuct Specialists - Taylor C.

Taylor C.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

AirDuct Specialists - Matthew G.

Matthew G.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

AirDuct Specialists - John S.

John S.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

AirDuct Specialists - Patrick O

Patrick O.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

AirDuct Specialists - Diana O

Diana O.

Office Manager

AirDuct Specialists - Tony M

Tony M.

Air Duct Cleaning Technician

We value your Time and respect your Home

AirDuct Specialists, Inc has been servicing air ducts in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins since 2003. Our growing company is a group of highly experienced technicians who care about excellence. We use the most high-end equipment on the market to make sure you’re satisfied.

Are your Denver air ducts in need of cleaning? Do you want fresh air in your Denver home? Call AirDuct Specialists NOW for a no-pressure quote and your air ducts will thank you 365 days a year. Call 720-571-4441 and ask about our monthly Air Duct Cleaning Denver Special!

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Ready to Schedule Your Professional Cleaning?

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