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Welcome to Air Duct Specialist’s Unrivaled Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services!

Why Kitchen Hood Cleaning?


Hood Cleaning for  Efficient

A clean kitchen hood is vital in Denver Metro Area, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins & Boulder's demanding culinary environments. Our professional hood cleaning services prevent grease buildup, ensuring your restaurant operates safely and efficiently.


Expect Excellence

With Air Duct Specialist, expect nothing but excellence every time. Our commitment to superior service and quality workmanship sets us apart. Experience unmatched professionalism and dedication to your indoor air quality. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Flawless Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Say goodbye to kitchen hood cleaning worries! Our top-notch services ensure sparkling, efficient kitchen equipment and satisfied customers. We guarantee no grease or contaminants, preserving your dishes' integrity. Enjoy a flawless reputation with Air Duct Specialist clean hoods!


Key Benefits of Air Duct Specialist’s Services

Safety Assurance

Our NFPA 96 compliant hood cleaning and grease duct cleaning services prioritize safety, mitigating fire risks.

Broad Spectrum Services

From commercial to residential and industrial hood cleaning, we offer a wide array of services, including restaurant exhaust cleaning.

Regular Maintenance Options

We've been a trusted name since 2003, handling everything from post-remodel cleanups to health-related concerns.


Why Air Duct Specialist?



Local Expertise

As your dependable partner in Denver Metro, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins & Boulder, we comprehend the unique requirements of each city's kitchens, delivering services finely tuned to meet the diverse needs across these bustling Colorado regions.

Advanced Equipment

With state-of-the-art technology, our services leave your kitchen spotless, setting the benchmark for restaurant exhaust and commercial kitchen cleaning.

Certified Excellence

Fully certified and insured, we represent reliability and quality in every service rendered, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction and unmatched professionalism at all times.

Wallet-Friendly Premium Services

Indulge in top-notch kitchen hood cleaning services without stretching your budget. At Air Duct Specialist, we offer unbeatable prices, presenting you with a cost-effective solution for all your hood cleaning needs, without compromising on quality.

How is it done? 


1) Preparation

We ask the client to disconnect and move any equipment or objects obstructing access to the kitchen hood. Also, we ask to ensure the utility connections (electricity and gas) to cooking equipment are turned off for safety.

2) Cleaning Process:

We perform a visual inspection of the kitchen hood and exhaust system before cleaning. Than remove and clean all accessible baffle filters, mesh filters, or other filter types. We clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the kitchen hood, including the hood canopy, plenum, and exhaust fan housing. We use a degreaser on the exhaust ductwork, ensuring the removal of all grease buildup. Employ suitable cleaning materials and chemicals that are compliant with safety standards and local regulations. And we use appropriate cleaning tools, such as scrapers, brushes, and pressure washers, as needed.

Lastly, we ensure all cleaned components are thoroughly rinsed and dried.

We follow all safety measures during this process by using protective measures to safeguard sensitive equipment and surrounding areas. Ensuring proper ventilation during the cleaning process and having a safety plan in place for emergency situations.

3) Inspection:

We conduct a post-cleaning inspection to verify that all components are free of grease and residue. Ensure that access panels and access points in the exhaust system are properly secured. And we provide the client with a Certificate of Performance and compliance documentation.

4) Waste Disposal

We collect and contain waste materials, including grease and residues, in accordance with local regulations and dispose them at approved facilities.

5) Reporting

We submit all required compliance reports and certificates tp the client.

The cost for the cleaning, payment terms, cancellation policies, and liability will be listed on separate pricing document.

With our clearly defined scope of work for a kitchen hood cleaning project, we ensure that both the us and the client have a common understanding of what is expected, which can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes.

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Unlock a New Standard of Clean with Air Duct Specialist!



Step into a worry-free zone of cleanliness and efficiency, with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Witness a transformation in kitchen cleanliness, as grease and grime vanish. Choose Air Duct Specialist today for exceptional services in Denver Metro Area, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins & Boulder, and let your kitchen’s cleanliness do the talking!

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